• what does qahera mean?
    qahera is the female form of the word ‘qaher’ in arabic, which means “vanquisher” or “conqueror” or “triumphant.” (basically a lot of cool things). if you add “al” to it it becomes “al qahera” which means Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
  • how do you pronounce qahera?
    it’s “Ka-her-ah” but make the “ka” real deep and strong.
  • have you heard of Dust/Excalibur/THE99/Burka Avenger they’re also veiled superheroes?
    i have indeed and i think they’re super cool although i haven’t read the comics yet (but i want to) and i think burka avenger is an awesome project for kids too so yes YES i have heard of burka avenger i promise i have 
  • does your sexual harassment comic mean wearing the hijab/niqab is the solution to harassment?
    it really really does not in fact it says the opposite of that read it again 
  • this is more of a frequent comment than a question but i just thought i should clarify that qahera does not wear a burka (we don’t really use burkas in Egypt) nor is she a niqabi. she covers her face during crime-fighting but other than that she’s a hijabi.
    (we also call it ‘hegab’ not hijab and its a little bit painful for me to use the more popularised term but there you have it) 
  • why don’t you like FEMEN?
    my issue with femen is that they dehumanise, stereotype and exclude muslim women from their version of feminism and liberation. it has little to do with their nudity, before you ask. i don’t care about that and neither does Qahera.
    here is an important note on the FEMEN comic  that I completely agree with. I have edited the comic slightly and will probably edit it again to put that into consideration. the comic itself does very little to explain the issues behind FEMEN or even offer any sort of viable solution.
  • When will/will you make more? 
    It takes a few weeks for me to do each comic but yes I promise I am making more. 
thank you!